We support local charities in our host cities of Frankfurt and Las Vegas, developing long-term relationships with the local community to leave a lasting legacy. In Frankfurt we support Lichtblick aktiv Sister Sigrid e.V., a shelter for the homeless, through our Badge Back initiative. When you leave the show drop your badge into the badge back bins and we'll make a finanical donation to Lichtblick aktiv Sister Sigrid e.V. In 2016 we donated €2,100. 

Lichtblick aktiv Sister Sigrid e.V.

Sister SigridA non-profit organisation run by Sister Sigrid Ehrlich, who has devoted her life to helping the poorest and most helpless people in society. The shelter, Haus Lichtblick, provides a long-term shelter for over 50 people. Sister Sigrid has helped more than 300 people move on to an independent life by helping them search for their own housing and with their reintegration into their own families.