Association Day


Monday 15 May 2017

Venue: Kap Europa Congress Centre 

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The day before IMEX opens, there is an event designed exclusively for association professionals – Association Day, attended by around 300 association professionals from 40 countries each year.

Open to all levels of association professionals registered to attend IMEX as either hosted buyers or buyer visitors, Association Day offers a VIP opportunity to invest in yourself and your association. A free afternoon of education, co-delivered by ICCA and ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership. Followed by the much-loved networking reception, Association Evening hosted by Marriott Frankfurt.


Open to association professionals only

There are two ways to attend Association Day - either as a hosted buyer or as a visitor buyer.

Entry to Association Day is by registration only and is free of charge.

To register your interest please contact Natasha Richards.

Association Evening

The networking evening on Monday 16 May from 19:00 is open to exhibitors who are members of one of the organising associations (ICCA, AIPC, IAEE, DMAI, IAPCO, ESAE, PCMA, ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership) and association executives.



Association Day Programme from 2016

10:00- 12:50 

Association Management Companies – A Focused Look at Challenges & Solutions!
Powered by AMC Institute & IMEX


Separate registration is required, click here.
12:30- 13:45

                                                                                 NETWORKING LUNCH  

13:55- 14:55

Keynote Speaker, Charles Leadbeater

Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity. Charles will bring his unique perspective to Association Day. More information here.

15:00- 16:00

Executive Track - Option 1
ASAE Deep Dive Workshop

Brand New World: Radical Revolutions for Association Relevance 

Speaker: Elizabeth Bailey, 2b Communications

Executive Track - Option 2

NextGen Associations - In the connected and customer driven world the rules of engagement have changed

Moderator: Jeroen van Liempd, MCI Brussels

Open Space

Reinventing relevancy - creative conversations on how associations can remain relevant

Speaker: Sean Blair, ProMeet

Reaching Out, Opening Up - relevance and engagement strategies for new audiences

Speakers: Dr Stephen Greene, ISPAD, Professor Ioana Agache, EAACI, Dr Mustafa al Maini, ESR

Moderator: Ben Hainsworth, K.I.T. Group 

ICCA Session

Is your meetings technology relevant or redundant?

Speakers: Corbin Ball, Corbin Ball Associates, Ksenija Polla, ICCA

16:00- 16:30


16:30- 17:30

Executive Track - Option 1
ASAE Deep Dive Workshop

Session continued.

Executive Track - Option 2

Achieving Enduring Relevance through a Purpose-driven Association

Speaker: Octavio B. Peralta, ADFIAP

Open Space

Reinventing relevancy - creative conversations on how associations can remain relevant

Speaker: Sean Blair, ProMeet

Brain, Guts and more - What does it need to remain relevant?

Speaker: Dr. Philip Gass, DOG

Participant Driven Events - How to keep the program relevant 

Speakers: Inbar Caspi, Association Meetings, Grégoire Pavillon, EASL, Maya Elhalal-Levavi, ESH Media


Choose your Future

Moderator: Sean Blair, ProMeet


Transfer to Association Evening

19:00- 22:00



Session Descriptions

Association Management Companies – A Focused Look at Challenges & Solutions!
Powered by AMC Institute & IMEX

10:00 – 10:50 

Split Loyalty Dilemmas, Common Problems and Creative Solutions

Speakers: Keren Deront, CAE, Director, EU, Interel Association Management, Charles Hall, Owner, Association Services Group, Immediate Past Chair, AMC Institute Board, Greg Schultz, Group Vice President, Kellen, Chair, AMC Institute Board

The best way to balance the needs/interests of AMC clients with the AMC itself is to have fully educated and informed parties on BOTH sides of the issue. Sadly, too often the AMC staff members are so closely aligned with the client, that they may not be able to effectively advocate a solution that is also fair to their employer, the AMC. This session will combine a panel of experts to discuss this challenge as well as creative solutions.

11:00 – 11:50 

Data Protection – When Do You Need to Do This? NOW!

Speakers: JP Guilbault, President & CEO, YourMembership, AMC Institute Board Member, Paul Jordan, Managing Director Europe, International Association for Privacy Professionals

The speakers will discuss the critical need for data protection for both the AMC and their clients. Unfortunately, this has become a very real challenge in our advanced high tech world. Delegate takeaways will include not only ways to safeguard against the possibility of a data breach, but also steps to create a crisis plan in the event of this circumstance.

12:00 – 12:50 

The Great Balancing Act – Managing Staff Placement, Expand & Contrast

Moderators: Bob Lewis, Group Head of Association Management, Interel Association Management, AMC Institute Board Member, Michael Payne, Executive Vice President, SmithBucklin, AMC Institute Board Member, Fred Stringfellow, CAE, President, Stringfellow Management Group, Inc., Chair-Elect, AMC Institute Board, Erin Fuller, CAE, President, Coulter, an MCI Company, AMC Institute Board Member

Moderators will facilitate an interactive discussion with the focus on building a staff to best meet the needs of AMCs and their clients. This session will provide delegates with great takeaway knowledge.

Topics of discussion will include:
• When is the right time to hire staff with specialized training/education?
• When and how often do you devote to staff development?
• Pre-load or post-load – How do you have needed staff available as you grow?
• How do you best compensate staff for onsite meetings that fall over holidays, weekends, etc.?

For further information or to register please contact Erin Carter:


13:55- 14:55

Keynote Speaker Charles Leadbeater

Charles LeadbeaterCharles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity. He advises companies, such as the BBC, Vodafone, Microsoft, Ericsson, Channel Four Television, cities and governments around the world on innovation strategy. As well as advising a wide range of organisations on innovation, Charles has been an ideas generator in his own right. He wrote the first British report on the rise of social entrepreneurship, which has since become a global movement. Charles will bring his unique perspective to Association Day.


15:00 - 16:00

Brand New World: Radical Revolutions for Association Relevance 

Speaker: Elizabeth Bailey, Co-Founder and Principal, 2b Communications

How can associations compete effectively in a “new normal” characterized by complex challenges in the marketplace, member preferences, technology, and other areas? With an in-depth look at strategies revealed in the ASAE bestseller Road to Relevance, this workshop provides a bold, no-nonsense look at the realities of today’s marketplace—and what it will take for associations to prosper tomorrow. Included is how to lead and manage for the future and how to look at your member markets and programs and services. Both seasoned professionals and tomorrow’s leaders will benefit from the thoughtful and practical approaches outlined for leading an association’s revolution. This program is not only focused on the “what,” but more importantly the “why” and “how.” Part education, part inspiration, all focused on moving your organization to greater discipline, focus, and value.

Learning Outcomes:

- Use research strategically and zero in on priority markets
- Surface opportunities and strengths that deserve a concentration of resources
- Discover how to achieve a coordinated product and service portfolio
- Minimize the negative effect of marginal or underperforming activities
- Embrace change and get the right people focused on the right things


Is your meetings technology relevant or redundant?

Speaker: Corbin Ball, CSP, CMP, DES, Owner, Corbin Ball Associates
Moderator: Ksenija Polla, CMP, Director Association Relations, ICCA

How do you work out what tech to use for different meeting purposes? How do you keep up to date with what’s available and whether it actually works or not? How can you avoid losing vital human interaction when you introduce new technology? How can you evaluate the effectiveness of your Apps and other tools?

Technology guru and long-time ICCA member Corbin Ball will provide his take on these and other topical questions, supported by a panel of international association colleagues sharing their success and horror stories on this theme. With more and more devices and software on the market, volatile pricing, wildly different support models, and aggressive marketing by tech companies, this session will help you navigate the complexities of the tech business environment to find the most relevant solutions to your meetings objectives.


Reinventing relevancy - creative conversations on how associations can remain relevant.

Speaker: Sean Blair, Founder, ProMeet

IAF Facilitator and plenary host Sean Blair will run an Open Space workshop where you get to discuss what you want. For those who prefer interactive sessions this is a perfect opportunity to pick up on the inspiring ideas from keynote speaker Charlie Leadbeater and develop ideas and strategies to overcome the relevancy challenge. You can think of this session as one long coffee break with bit of structure.


NextGen Associations -In the connected and customer driven world the rules of engagement have changed

Moderator: Jeroen van Liempd, MCI Brussels

In today’s world, people, organisations and even objects are increasingly connected.
The power in regards to information and knowledge has shifted from the supply side to the demand side.
It is the customer who decides when, where and how he wants to acquire knowledge and services.

What does this imply for associations, for the way we offer services and benefits to members and other stakeholders?
Is the association membership model still aligned with the journey of today’s customer?

In spite of the unlimited choice and options that our members and customers are being offered every day, many associations still apply a rather “rigid” membership model.
Also, many associations have “customers”; people and organisations who purchase services from associations but who do not want to be a members.
Would it not be worthwhile for associations to extend and innovate their membership model to a real engagement model; allowing people and organisations to easily connect, purchase services and get involved..?

This session will explore the various models for transforming the “closed” membership model into an open and inclusive engagement model.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the dynamics of the customer driven world and its impact on association membership models
- Discover new engagement models that allow associations to extend their community towards stakeholders that are currently not involved
- Get inspired by customer engagement from the corporate world for aligning your association model with the journey of today’s member and customer.


Reaching Out, Opening Up - relevance and engagement strategies for new audiences

Speakers: Professor Stephen Greene, International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD),  Professor Ioana Agache, European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), Dr Mustafa al Maini, Emirates Society for Rheumatology (ESR)
Moderator: B Hainsworth, K.I.T. Group

Many associations are increasingly aware that reliance on their traditional community might not be sustainable. Having considered some of the phenomena that have led them to reach out beyond their traditional constituencies, our 3 association leaders will discuss and compare the ways that they have increased their relevance and adapted their value proposition for new markets. The experiences and advantages gained by a global, a European and a national society will resonate with all of those looking to reinforce their association’s relevance in a changing world.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand trends in traditional constituencies that are driving a need to be more relevant to a wider community
- Appreciate that value and relevance have to be built, that simple copy & paste is not appropriate or effective
- Learn how and why specific strategies (eg event makeover, constitutional change, redefinition of membership) can deliver such value
- Be aware of the need for a strong vision and purpose to gain clarity, buy-in and ultimately success


16:30 - 17:30

Achieving Enduring Relevance through a Purpose-driven Association

Speaker: Octavio B. Peralta, Secretary General ADFIAP (Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific)

Associations constantly face challenges. More so in today’s world. Shifts in demographics, markets, technologies, regulations and societal attributes toughen these challenges even further. To stay relevant (and sustainable), associations need to answer the fundamental question, “why do we do what we do? Or, in essence, what is our purpose?” This session will dissect why with purpose comes relevance.”

Learning outcomes:

- Appreciate the current changes that are happening today
- Have a better understanding of being and staying relevant
- Revisit what is the distinction among purpose, mission and vision
- Be familiar in writing a purpose statement for their association.


Brain, Guts and more - What does it need to remain relevant?

Speaker: Dr Philip Gass, DOG (Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft)

Many Associations find themselves in a field of high competition. On top of this we all act in an environment driven by constant change. In order to keep up, we are forced to constantly readjust our services, strategies and structures. Otherwise target groups and stakeholders are likely to look elsewhere for other opportunities to fulfil their expectations and needs. In this session we will dig into this matter, create new ideas and learn from others in talks, discussions and group work on how we can manage to sustainably remain in the focus of our stakeholders.


Participant Driven Events - How to keep the program relevant 

Speakers: Inbar Caspi, Co-Managing Director, Strategies for Association Meetings, Grégoire Pavillon, Executive Director & Governing Board Member, EASL, The Home of Hepatology, President Elect of the AC Forum, Maya Elhalal-Levavi Founder and CEO of ESH Media

We all know that:
Fact no.1: Knowledge is growing exponentially – the “internet of things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours. Meetings are no longer the oracle of new knowledge

Fact no. 2: New technologies are gradually shifting the learning and networking attention from the conference floor to the virtual world

Fact no. 3: Academic research shows that adult learning is done through social learning, not in the frontal classroom style
This is a wake-up call for associations! To reclaim your role as knowledge and learning leaders and your relevancy as facilitators of learning. To face the challenge of the conference losing relevancy as THE arena for knowledge exchange.

The discussion is aimed at:

• Inspiring a rethink of association conference formats so as to create an environment that fosters curiosity, discovery, and the thirst for learning
• Discussing new models for reshaping the conference around the participants needs.
• Demonstrating how it is done from the angle of the conference, the association, the content curator and the speaker.
• How to give a personal experience even in a Mega congress
• How to gain audience loyalty through reshaping the experience of learning.


17:30 - 18:15

Choose your Future

Moderator: Sean Blair, Founder, ProMeet

In the final session Sean Blair will help us consider strategies for remaining relevant. He’ll advocate that the need for associations to innovate and create meaningful face to face experience, unlock real learning and create the kind of value that only human to human encounters can provide. Finally you will be asked what a breakthrough Association Day next year would look like. How can IMEX support you to innovate and move beyond the relevancy issue?


Contact Sarah Arnold or Natasha Richards to find out more.

The Association Day programme is so much more elaborate, and the new streams all sounded so interesting and relevant. The content is inspiring and definitely outside of the box. I’m always looking for support with innovation, and IMEX Association Day provides the perfect opportunity to get new ideas.

Danielle Michel, Director Corporate Programme, Airports Council International European Region, Belgium