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Making better decisions when it counts most

Monday 15 May, 14:00-17:00, Congress Center, Messe Frankfurt

PCMA Business School Logo UpdatedThe choices you make today determine your personal and professional success tomorrow. Join researcher and author, Tremaine du Preez, in this challenging and practical workshop to identify the behavioural stumbling blocks that affect how you process information. Explore how unconscious processes such as stress and emotions wreak havoc on your quality of thinking, and what you can do to sharpen your critical thinking skills.

PCMA Business School takes place on EduMonday, our brand new education experience. Find out more here.


Learn how to:

  • create an environment where you can function optimally under stressful and uncertain conditions
  • recognise the difference between male and female thinking and how that influences your decision-making process
  • identify how organisational success relies on the choices and calculated risks you make as part of the cumulative whole


Registration is compulsory for EduMonday and PCMA Business School (to help us plan for the right numbers) and we can only accept your registration if you are already registered for and attending IMEX 2017.

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We interview Tremaine du Preez

This year's PCMA Business School presenter, Tremaine du Preez, is on a mission to change the world one thought at a time and brings her pioneering advice on critical thinking and decision making to IMEX. Learn more about Tremaine in our revealing interview.