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Introducing a new IMEX talking point every year

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To give our education programme an even stronger focus and a yearly refresh, we're introducing an annual talking point giving you the chance to explore a single, emerging or important trend in depth, and from a number of different angles. Our 2017 talking point is ‘Purposeful Meetings: How to plan with deeper meaning, innovation and insight in mind’.

Some meetings and events can feel overwhelming, unexciting or unhealthy. Purposeful meetings are exactly the opposite - engaging, inspiring and enjoyable with long-lasting, positive outcomes. Planned with specific outcomes and attendee behaviours in mind, they prioritise these five aspects:

  1. Meeting design for the human experience
  2. Behavioural science
  3. Health and wellbeing 
  4. Leaving a positive legacy
  5. Technology

Our talking point will give direction to our education programme but it won’t dominate all content. We’ll continue to deliver education under our 10 tracks.


The full programme of education can be viewed here. Many of our sessions cover one or more of the five aspects of Purposeful Meetings. Follow our purposeful meetings itinerary below to fully immerse yourself at the show. Download the itinerary here.

Slice Of Purposeful Meetings


EduMonday 15 May

The Meetology® Lab - Behavioural science 
The Event Design Certificate (EDC) Programme Level 1 of Mastery - Meeting design
Gartner Hype Cycle trends and their relevance for event tech - Technology

Tuesday 16 May

Make a movement – the hierarchy of human gatherings - Meeting design

White Space - Meeting Design
Quiet influence - Behavioural science
Mastering the wheel of life - Health and wellbeing

Wednesday 17 May

Keynote - Purposeful meetings research: creating deeper meaning - Behavioural science 
Live engagement marketing: the dawn of a new era for events - Meeting design 
Making an impact: the art of social and environmental responsibility - Leaving a positive legacy

Thursday 18 May

Creating new habits to more easily master change  - Behavioural science
Tech Tour - Technology
Purposeful meetings and white space - what do they mean to you? - Behavioural science


White Paper

We've commissioned a Purposeful Meetings White Paper in partnership with PSAV. The research authors are: Dr Amanda Cecil, PhD, CMP, Associate Professor and Chair, Indiana University, School of Physical Education and Tourism Managment (PETM) and Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management at Madison College, US. 


We'll reveal the initial White Paper results at our purposeful meetings research keynote at IMEX on Wednesday 17 May at 9am.


  1. Learn what a purposeful meeting is and how it is the future of event strategy and planning.
  2. Explore the five pillars of a purposeful meeting and their role in creating success for your attendees and stakeholders.
  3. Get a preview into initial research findings on purposeful meetings.


Keynote details

We interview Janet Sperstad

As a prelude to our new industry white paper on Purposeful Meetings, we talked to Janet Sperstad, CMP, Program Director, Meeting and Event Management at Madison College. Janet is leading the research with Dr Amanda Cecil and presents initial findings in a revealing keynote at IMEX on Wednesday 17 May. Read our interview here.

Interview with our CEO, Carina Bauer

Read the inside story of how our Purposeful Meetings Talking Point came about in this blog interview with our CEO, Carina Bauer.


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For more information please contact our Knowledge and Events team.  

Any event planner who cares about their craft and truly wants to have a competitive edge will be excited to dig deeper into the IMEX Purposeful Meetings Talking Point.

Carina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group