Your Promise To Us

  1. Kempinski 6

    As a hosted buyer there are 3 simple promises that you make to us at IMEX as a part of your participation.

    Don’t worry – we make promises to you too – they can be seen here.



    Promise 1. Appointments

    Hosted buyers come to IMEX first and foremost to do business with our exhibitors. Typically, hosted buyers make 50,000+ appointments with exhibitors before they arrive at the show.

    So… we recommend hosted buyers make a minimum number of eight (8) appointments per day. This still leaves lots of time for buyers to take advantage of other elements at the show –education and networking – plus walk the floor finding new ideas.

    The purpose of appointments is to discuss a genuine piece of business that an exhibitor may be able to fulfil and send you a proposal for. An appointment isn’t just a time to shake hands and say hello.

    Promise 2. Stay for the day

    A part of the joy of IMEX is learning new things. Once your appointments are done, or in between if you prefer, we ask that you spend your time finding new ideas, talking to new people and generally soaking up the buzz of the show floor.

    Promise 3: T&Cs

    Hosted buyers sign up for our terms and conditions.