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  1. Pioneering partnerships at IMEX in Frankfurt

    14:00 |  23/04/2015

    IMEX has announced two pioneering partnerships as part of IMEX in Frankfurt, 19 – 21 May.  Read More

  2. IMEX Group increasing sustainability and CSR in...

    13:00 |  22/04/2015

    As a supporter of World Earth Day 2015, the IMEX Group is committing to further decreasing the footprints of its exhibitions and to encouraging CSR at both IMEX in Frankfurt, taking place on 19 to ...  Read More

  3. New creative dimensions to learning in the Insp...

    14:00 |  20/04/2015

    There will be plenty of creativity to be discovered among the 170 education sessions at IMEX in Frankfurt from 19 to 21 May.  Read More

  4. IMEX Politicians Forum to share valuable insigh...

    14:00 |  16/04/2015

    When more than 100 ministers, senior regional politicians and meetings industry leaders gather in Frankfurt on Tuesday 19 May for the 13th annual IMEX Politicians Forum, there will be strong recogn...  Read More

  5. Health and wellbeing, diversity and sustainabil...

    14:15 |  8/04/2015

    A new dedicated Health and Wellbeing track and seminars in English and German on sustainability and diversity are among the features of the restyled education programme at IMEX in Frankfurt from 19...  Read More

  6. Trailblazers of tomorrow set to shine at IMEX i...

    14:30 |  2/04/2015

    Around 100 students from universities across eight countries worldwide are set to attend the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum at IMEX in Frankfurt this May. Designed to educate and support student...  Read More

  1. IMEX 2014 Show Time Lapse

    Time lapse video of IMEX in Frankfurt 2014 full show days. Thanks to Messe Frankfurt for their support in obtaining this footage. http://www.imex-frankfurt.com Music source: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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  2. IMEX 2014 Build up

    Time lapse video of the IMEX in Frankfurt 2014 build-up. Thanks to Messe Frankfurt for their support in obtaining this footage. http://www.imex-frankfurt.com Music source: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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  3. Interview with Una Cote on the IMEX 2014 Showfloor

    Interview with Una Cote, President & CEO at uc, THE SOURCE, Inc. on the IMEX 2014 Showfloor

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  4. Interview with Jorge Franz on the IMEX 2014 Show...

    Jorge Hanz

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  5. Dale Hudson discusses the IMEX Challenge 2014

    Miguel Neves discussed the upcoming IMEX Challenge 2014 with Dale Hudson, Knowledge & Events Director, IMEX Group. More info: http://www.imexamerica.com/about-us/imex-challenge/

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  6. Interview with Debra Zabloudil, The Learning...

    Miguel Neves interviews Debra Zabloudil on the IMEX 2014 Video Corner. A conversation about Leadership, Generational gaps and Sales Pitches.

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  1. Co-Creation – the new trend in Live Campaigns


    There is a fundamental change in live-marketing. The channel “live” in campaigns is no longer considered a communication channel by many. By responding ideally to the needs of different target grou...  Read More

  2. Xceptional Execution


    What if launching and leading an xceptional business was simpler than you've ever imagined? Not easier. Not less time consuming. Not less gut wrenching, but simpler. Guess what: It is. What if I to...  Read More

  3. The Mayor who is marketing peace and quiet


    Meetings generate business – no matter how big or small the venue. Government ministers, politicians and mayors all around the world have seen the significant business, revenue and benefits that a...  Read More

  4. Hashtags Made Simple


    You may have heard of these things called hashtags(#), they seem to be everywhere online and especially on Twitter. Well it turns out that they’re pretty powerful and can make any event a whole lot...  Read More

  5. A guide to CVB Staff Training and Development


    Investing in staff development and supporting training of staff members is very important for me. It not only to increases "the intellectual capital" in my team but also increases the reputation of...  Read More

  6. Meeting Design in action!


    Elling Hamso has been running event ROI courses for more than ten years. Recently the courses have sold out with ease and success has never been greater and I would suggest that careful meeting des...  Read More

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