Halle 8, Messe FrankfurtFrankfurt

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  1. Largest IMEX closes on a business high

    16:00 |  22/05/2014

    Frankfurt, Thursday May 22 - The 12th IMEX in Frankfurt closes today at Messe...  Read More

  2. Multiple IMEX 2014 and industry awards announced

    11:45 |  22/05/2014

    10 different industry awards were presented to a selection of high-achieving ...  Read More

  1. IMEX 2014 Show Time Lapse

    Time lapse video of IMEX in Frankfurt 2014 full...

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  2. IMEX 2014 Build up

    Time lapse video of the IMEX in Frankfurt 2014...

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  1. Living in a hyperconnected world

    00:00 |  26/08/2014

    In today’s hyper-connected world, sometimes we need to take a breath and go b...  Read More

  2. Try opening a relationship, not closing a sale

    00:00 |  11/08/2014

    On her LinkedIn page our guest blogger, and IMEX America speaker, Kirsty Spra...  Read More