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  1. Focus on innovation and investment boosts busin...

    15:00 |  21/04/2016

    Three busy days at IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 doing business, learning about the latest developments and making new contacts proved to be action packed and fulfilling for meetings and events industry b...  Read More

  2. Achievements of global meetings industry profes...

    11:00 |  21/04/2016

    High-achieving meetings industry professionals from across the world were honoured last night at the 14th annual IMEX Gala Dinner held at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel.  Read More

  3. Business is Personal at IMEX in Frankfurt: educ...

    15:45 |  20/04/2016

    Public speaking is often one of the greatest fears of business life and can prevent many from reaching their full career potential.   Read More

  4. IMEX Group Sharing economy survey reveals diff...

    14:30 |  20/04/2016

    Recent research carried out by the IMEX Group into the impact of the sharing economy within the meetings and events industry generated thought-provoking results. The findings were revealed at IMEX ...  Read More

  5. Keen discussions at IMEX Politicians Forum on h...

    12:45 |  20/04/2016

    How destinations are preparing for future challenges and how they can be more competitive created highly engaging debates during the 14th annual IMEX Politicians Forum on Tuesday 19 April.   Read More

  6. Future thinking and ‘quirkshops’ at IMEX in Fra...

    16:00 |  19/04/2016

    Active Learning and the power of data - introducing an innovative Swedish interactive learning experience is part of a new series of short and snappy talks at IMEX in Frankfurt this year. These TED...  Read More

  1. IMEX 2016 from start to finish

    A time-lapse video of the entire IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 show from build-up to breakdown.

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  2. Thank you for being part of IMEX 2016

    We hope you had a successful IMEX. Here's a short video message from the IMEX team. Feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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  3. An action packed day at IMEX 2016

    The show is packed with opportunities to do business, find new suppliers and prospects, to learn about the latest trends and meet industry colleagues from across the world.

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  4. IMEX 2016 opens for business

    With 3,500 exhibiting companies representing 150 countries, 400+ exhibitor networking events and with over 180 education sessions, the scope for business and learning is greater than ever.

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  5. Welcome to #IMEX16!

    The IMEX team and partners welcome you to IMEX in Frankfurt 2016.

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  6. Welcome to IMEX 2016

    Welcome to IMEX 2016. This short video will guide you through the show and introduce you to a few of our features, events and more!

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  1. Future Leader Success Stories


    Nine IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forums have taken place so far in 2016. This post summarises some of the success stories and wonderful students that we met so far.  Read More

  2. The Word about IMEX in Frankfurt 2016


    It’s a few weeks after IMEX in Frankfurt, the excitement of networking and learning has simmered down, and the information from the 3 days has been regurgitated in to blog posts, articles videos an...  Read More

  3. The importance of monitoring social networks at...


    As important as knowing the opinion of the attendants to your event, is knowing what they are telling to the Internet world about it. But it is a non-sense to encourage their participation on those...  Read More

  4. The #IMEX16 Social Media Journey


    Charlotte Park shares her experience of being part of the @IMEXsocialteam at IMEX in Frankfurt.  Read More

  5. The Impact of Sharing Companies on Meetings & E...


    How is the sharing economy impacting the meetings and events industry, and what is driving the robust growth in demand?   Read More

  6. Our #IMEX16 Content Team


    This post highlights the crowdstreamers and content producers who will be at IMEX in Frankfurt 2016. We encourage you to follow and interact with them on their journeys.  Read More

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